Highly Compensated Individuals

Morris Law Group is a leader in providing superior wealth preservation strategies to highly compensated individuals. Clients including professional athletes, entertainers, real estate developers, entrepreneurs and corporate executives face unique challenges relating to asset protection and income, private equity principals, estate and gift taxes. We work with these individuals and their advisors to implement legal plans to protect their wealth from the claims of creditors and to reduce or eliminate their tax liability. Among the various strategies we use are: establishing charitable trusts and foundations; establishing offshore and domestic trusts; developing gifting plans; implementing income timing techniques, such as the exercise of stock options; planning with carried interests and structuring corporations and entities.

Stock options are often a part of a client’s compensation package. The structure of stock options are complex and replete with pitfalls. Our attorneys understand the nuances involved with this unique asset and are able to properly plan for the exercise, transfer and/or contribution of stock options to maximize value and minimize tax liability. We also assist clients with the implementation strategies for exercising NSOs, ISOs or compensatory options to maximize the benefit to our client.

Highly compensated clients may accumulate significant assets making wealth preservation a high priority. We seek to shield our clients’ assets from creditor’s claims in all arenas including business exposure, professional malpractice exposure, personal injury liability, divorce and nuisance claims. We employ techniques such as offshore and onshore trusts, entity structures and other strategies to preserve and protect our clients’ wealth.

Many of our clients engage in charitable giving. Morris Law Group assists clients by properly structuring their charitable goals through charitable trusts, foundations and/or 501(c)(3) organizations. We develop the optimum charitable giving plan to maximize our clients’ tax relief while fulfilling their desire to financially support organizations or causes dear to them.

All of our highly-compensated clients benefit from our attorneys’ unrivaled fusion of expertise, experience and cutting-edge drafting ability.