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6 things to do Today that will Grow your Business Tomorrow

By: Kc Agu - May 22, 2017

In life everything grows. For a business to keep up with the times, it needs to grow. Doesn’t matter if it’s a start-up or a fully-fledged business, growth is an important aspect if the business is geared towards retaining its relevance in the fast paced world of today.


The 2017 Tax Reform for Economic Growth and American Jobs

By: Joshua B. Glaser, Esq. LL.M. - May 22, 2017

On April 26, 2017, the Trump Administration released an outline of their tax reform plan. This article will provide a brief overview of the key pieces of the plan titled “the 2017 Tax Reform for Economic Growth and American Jobs.”


How Families Can Save For Disability Expenses Tax-Free

By: Ray Martin - May 22, 2017

Navigating through the waters of the ABLE act and knowing how and if relatives of persons who are disabled will benefit from tax-free programs can be confusing, at best. Special Needs Trusts and other programs are one way to reduce your tax liability.


Happiness In Retirement Is About More Than Bank Balances

By: The Trust Advisor - May 22, 2017

Wealth preservation and estate planning are important as one ages and moves into retirement. But, it’s also important not to lose sight of the other issues that arise; most importantly, your happiness with your lifestyle change.


5 Questions Every Entrepreneur Should Ask Potential Investors

By: Arie Abecassis - May 19, 2017

Understand what each investor brings to the table before you bring them on board.