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Some seniors would love to see higher rates

By: Pattie Lovett-Reid - August 21, 2017


Wealth Managers Are Embracing The Wealth Protection Process

By: Russ Alan Prince - August 18, 2017

“We’re finding that the wealthy are very interested in this integrated service and those wealth managers and financial advisors that can deliver it can put themselves at a competitive advantage to their peers.”


Why Congress should let everyone deduct charitable gifts from their taxes

By: PATRICK ROONEY - August 16, 2017


The 30 percent of American taxpayers who itemize their returns are free to deduct every dollar they donate to an IRS-approved charity from up to half of their taxable income. While neither the White House nor lawmakers are trying to scrap the charitable deduction, which is nearly as old as the income tax and marks its 100th anniversary this year, some of the changes to the tax code that are in the works could discourage charitable giving as an unintended consequence.


Family Succession Planning: How to Do It Right

By: - August 14, 2017

 While succession is challenging for all businesses, it often becomes even more complicated when family relationships must also be considered. This overlap between business and family creates many obstacles to the management, growth and sustainability of these companies. Blurred boundaries between ownership and management often lead to conflicts and jeopardize the companies’ future.


Don't Count on Pension Plans for Your Retirement

By: Trevor Gerszt - August 11, 2017


Millions of Americans, particularly those who work for school districts and government agencies, depend on pension plans for their retirement income.