Special Needs Trusts

As the average life span of our population continues to increase, and the elderly and persons with disabilities live longer than ever before, attorneys are challenged to properly protect them. The United States government provides financial assistance through Medicaid, Social  Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) and Supplemental Security Income (SSI) to some extent, but it is rarely sufficient to meet all of the needs of the disabled. A special needs trust is a crucial legal tool in which to hold assets to care for and protect the elderly and persons with disabilities in addition to and in conjunction with their government benefits.

Special needs trusts may be created with the proceeds from a judgment or settlement or by a loved one with concerns for a beneficiary in need. Morris Law Group is expertly prepared to handle all pre- and post-settlement needs of persons with disabilities, as well as proper planning for their future.

Special needs trusts have many benefits, including:

♦  not interfering with eligibility for government benefits

♦  providing funds to pay for “extras,” (e.g., homes, automobiles and prescription drugs)

♦  protecting a case settlement from being immediately depleted due to the high cost of health care

♦  keeping assets within the family

♦  giving family members much needed peace of mind by providing funds to care for their loved ones who may not be able to care for themselves