Wealth Preservation

Today’s litigious society puts many professionals and business owners at risk of unwarranted, frivolous lawsuits resulting in outrageous jury verdicts. Now, more than ever, it is critical to create a safety net by implementing a plan to protect assets. This type of planning helps protect reputations, reduce time wasted and provides peace of mind.

Our firm works with businesses and individuals to segregate and insulate valuable assets from liability to the greatest extent allowable by law, thus reducing the risk of attachment and financial vulnerability. By regularly using domestic and international planning vehicles to create layers of insulation between the client and potential creditors, we reduce our clients’ vulnerability to lawsuits.

We also regularly implement an “asset freeze” by shifting valuable assets to other family members (in trust or otherwise) at a time when the client has no existing or foreseeable claims. Combinations of limited liability companies, trusts, limited partnerships and other legally recognized vehicles, in conjunction with asset classes exempt from creditors by statute, are used to prevent our clients from being attractive targets. It is important to note that, in order to be able to maximize the use of exemptions allowed by state and federal law, and other vehicles for protecting assets as recognized by established or anticipated law, it is critical for asset protection to take place prior to the commencement of any litigation or bankruptcy proceedings.

Our well-renowned attorneys create unique asset protection programs tailored to the needs of each client by employing their extensive expertise in various areas of the law including real property, domestic and international tax, estate planning, pension, trusts and estates, bankruptcy and debtor-creditor. Additionally, we carefully monitor federal and state statutes and regularly occurring court developments to be able to fully scrutinize, under various circumstances, each program we design.

Our experience in the asset protection field is vast, working with busines owners, physicians and other health related professionals, as well as professional athletes, figures in the entertainment industry, and other high profile executives concerned with protecting their wealth.

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